Copyright & Consent To Use Policy
Last Updated: July 30, 2019

Nothing on the website or PDF Documents (text, graphics, audio, video and other items) may be reprinted or reproduced in other publications, nor on websites, nor in other media, in whole or in part without first obtaining permission from the website owner.

Please adhere to the following Copyright and Content Use Policy:

I.)  You ARE NOT permitted to use any article or text within the  website for Commercial reasons of any kind. A commercial use is one primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

II.) You ARE permitted to print or photocopy pages and/or articles and free e-booklets written by the owner of this website in whole for personal offline reading, bible study for local groups, churches, schools, and on-line media NON COMMERCIAL (see I. above ) distribution  etc. When you do, you still need to give proper credit on the printed or electronically sent media.(See IV below)

IV.) Giving Proper Credit. Our copyright notice and website address must be included in the following format:

–start copy–

© Copyright 2009-2019. Don Gerrity, All rights reserved. )  Use of any text from the articles located on this website may not be used without permission of the copyright owner. This website contains links to other websites and YouTube® videos. The authors of such retain full copyright to such materials. Visit (or direct link to article*) 

–end copy–

*You may also link directly to the article’s website URL address instead of our home page, within the copyright notice. The link to the website may be set up to leave your website or open in a new window. 

V.) When Quoting Article Content On Our Website:

– Do not list or imply that the content was written by you.

– Place quotation marks and italics around for anything you quote directly.

– Document where you found the quoted material by giving proper credit (See  above)

 VI.) Third Party Content

The website also contains links to third party websites, audio files and videos and some articles posted with permission from other writers. For such links that bring you to another organization or person’s website, or for such items that are embedded on our website, such as YouTube® videos, you will need to contact the copyright owner for such materials and content to obtain permission to use such content. In such cases, the Copyright remains with the linked or embedded content owners or authors.