What Is SeekKnockFind.org (SKF)?

The SKF website is a non-denominational and non-church organization online Christian resource and is dedicated to new and mature believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as presented in the King James Version Bible (KJV/KJB).

SKF offers a growing list of free articles in The Gospel Q&A section, a list of Free Christian E-Books by the owner, links to Free E-books By Other Bible Teachers, a forever growing list of Bible Study Videos and Bible Prophecy Study Videos from various Christian teachers, and a growing list of YouTube Bible Study Videos. I encourage you to visit the SKF Facebook Group Community: The Gospel Of Grace Through Jesus Christ Fellowship, where you can view more content and if you should join the group, become part of sharing with others.

topicicon SKF is the personal ministry of Don Gerrity.

A strong believer in Salvation ‘not of works’, as Apostle Paul taught, I am not a preacher. I am not a current leader of any church organization or denomination. I use my talents in writing to help share the Gospel and help encourage new believers and those who have been taught falsely by some pulpits, the false gospel of ‘works for Salvation’ and ‘Lordship Salvation’.

topicicon  SKF is not an organization, nor an organizational church and does not ask for donations, nor accept them.

It is a personal ministry – not an organization. The entire SKF website is sharing my person learning of the good news with others and helping new believers grow in the Christian faith. Nothing more. With articles and links to other Christian resources as well, this website is operated to help believers expand their knowledge of the truth in Salvation through Jesus Christ, as presented in the King James Bible, and to show non-believers why Christianity and the Holy Bible can be believed with full assurance that the Bible is the truth.

topicicon  SKF DISCLAIMER:

DonG“To be clear, the articles and E-Books that I write and post on the SeekKnockFind.org website and facebook group are NOT a substitute for the Word of God! I am fallible as any person. I may not always be correct either. Let the Word of God stand as the only truth! I am growing in the faith too! I share what I understand using the Word of God in context to share the Gospel. I am constantly learning too. I Hope this helps you in your journey!”

– Don Gerrity, Author SeekKnockFind.org

‘Seek.. and You Shall Find’ – Jesus The Christ
Read the Bible for yourself. Prove things for yourself.



topicicon  SKF Website Goals…

The goal of this website is to help all Believers in Christ to expand in their knowledge and the Christian faith, to simplify complex and many times controversial topics in the Bible, and to show readers clearly the true Gospel of Grace taught by the Apostle Paul. To open the eyes of believers and non-believers who may have been deceived by false teaching denominations and church organizations. To find true peace and security in the freedom and righteousness that Jesus The Christ provided for us on the cross.

You can read the SKF Statement Of Faith for more information on the SKF current beliefs based on the Word Of God read in context.

With a Facebook Group that is growing in membership, the invitation is open to you to visit and read posts and comments, and if you wish, to join in our conversations by joining the group free, as we all learn and expand our knowledge in the Word of God and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

UNDERSTAND THIS! What is presented in the pulpits is not always what is proclaimed in the Bible! Believers should be checking the Bible to make sure what is being preached in the pulpit is the actual Word of God read in proper context of the same Bible book, other writings in other books/Epistles the same author wrote, the Gospel of Grace Apostle Paul taught,  and who the passage is addressed to in specific and not just random Scripture verses being used to teach falsely. God’s word must be read in proper context to understand the true meaning. There are no contradictions in the Word of God. If you see one, then the context you are reading it in is not correct.

topicicon  Inclusion Of Bible Prophecy…

The SKF website uses information on Bible Prophecy, Bible Prophecy fulfilled and Bible Prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Although the author of this website is not a Prophecy Expert, the website does include links to websites an YouTube Videos of well known experts on the subject because it is vitally important in these End Times in which we live. One out of every three verses in Scripture are regarding the Prophetic. This means that Bible Prophecy vitally important to God that we study it as much as any other topics. In fact, Bible Prophecy is so interlaced within the Scriptures that it is almost impossible to be dismissive on the subject. Yet, most main stream denominational and other religious Christian organizations rarely, or never teach on the topic.

Such Churches think that the subject of Bible Prophecy is too controversial. They are afraid of causing division and losing their church membership. That way of thinking is very wrong! This is God’s word!

God placed Bible Prophecy in the Scriptures for at least two important reasons:

⇒ So we can know that the Bible is the true word of the one true God.

Bible Prophecy fulfilled (around 2000 prophecies fulfilled thus far!) provide all the proof we need to believe in the Bible and God as the author. Here in the End of The Church Age Bible Prophecies yet unfulfilled are to be fulfilled in our generation. In fact, without an understanding of even the most basic signs that Christ told us about when the Second coming and Rapture will be a believer may not even know we are living in the end times.

⇒ Jesus told us about the end times and used the Prophetic for a reason – so we at this end of times will know and help others to know!

Christ told us to WATCH! (Matthew 24:32, 25:13, Luke 21:36, 1 Thessalonians 5:6 and more)  Yet most are not watching at all. It is just as in Jesus first coming when they did not know the signs of the times.

The old Testament (Torah) foretold of Christ’s first coming with precision, and so Jesus said to the religious Jewish leaders of that day,

“…When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering.

O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” (Matthew 16:2-3 KJV)