ReneeRenee Roland calls out today’s rampant false gospel of works for Salvation. She calls out ‘self righteous’ TV and Internet Preachers that are teaching an accursed “another Gospel” – the false gospel Apostle Paul fought hard against.  She is all about the TRUE Gospel of Grace Through Jesus Christ – THE SIMPLICITY IN CHRIST, CHILD LIKE FAITH IN THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST.  She teaches in her videos a boldness of the truth of God’s Word that pulpits need to get back to…THE TRUE GOSPEL! She consistently refutes the heresy of ‘works for salvation’ no matter how they back load the teaching in, the false ‘repent of sins to be saved’ heresy, the false gospel of Calvinism and rampant false Lordship Salvation. These are all not the Gospel Jesus died to give us! It’s all another gospel; accursed by God Gospels!

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