2018-profile-DG2Don Gerrity is the author of the Q&A articles and this website, SeekKnockFind.org. Don is not a preacher. He is not a leader of a church organization. He uses his talents in writing to help share the Gospel to the lost and to help encourage other believers. SeekKnockFind.org is not an organization, nor an organizational church. With articles and links to other Christian resources the SeekKnockFind.org website is operated to help believers expand their knowledge of the truth in Salvation through Jesus Christ and to show non-believers why Christianity and the Holy Bible can be believed with full assurance that the Bible is the truth.

Knowing God
by Don Gerrity
Many Scriptural interpretations rely greatly on the readers knowledge of who God is and what God’s character actually is. The Bible tells us the very character of God and that it is never going to change. God’s character and His ways are eternal and perfect.

Salvation Through Christ, What Must I Do To Be Saved?
by Don GerritySTCcoverSM

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to be justified before the God of the universe according to the Holy Bible.


The Redeemer Lives
by Don Gerrity

RedeemerrLivesBannerThis book is dedicated to all who look at the world and think, There is just something very wrong here! It is for all those who feel the condemnation and damage that our sins have brought into our lives. We try to do good but we fail again and again. We let ourselves down and we let others down. To make matters worse, many ‘Christian Religion Organizations’ are just feeding the feelings of hopelessness telling people they must not sin or be lost forever in hell. What is the truth about our justification with God according to the Bible?

Faith That Works. Paul And James Agree
by Don Gerrity faiththaworks_sm

Is there a contradiction with the writings of Paul and James? Is Salvation by Faith or is it by Faith plus works? Paul’s teachings are very clear that justification with God is not of ourselves in any self righteous works, yet in the writing of James he claims ‘Faith Without Works Is Dead’. Which is right in this well known controversy in the Christian community?

The Real New Covenant Of Grace
by Don Gerrity cover2

Is Salvation by Works? What about the words of Jesus and the Apostle Paul? Are they in conflict? What is the difference between the Old Covenant by the Law of Moses and the New Covenant through Jesus Christ? When did the New Covenant start and why is that so important to understanding Scriptures regarding Salvation?