A cherished treasure and Bible teacher, still teaching after his death many years ago and still helping to bring people into the Kingdom of Christ. What a blessing James Vernon Mcgee was and still is! Near the end of his life he preaches on this topic.

1. We are to “KNOW” GOD’s word. Hold up the WORD and let it do it’s job. Only God saves THROUGH HIS WORD.2. Pray in the Holy Spirit.3. Keep yourself in the Love of God.4. Looking for The Mercy of God. THE GREAT MERCY OF OUR LOVING GOD! Think upon the soon coming RAPTURE of the church. His imminent return.5. Compassion on those who are currently seeking God but are in doubt. Be full of grace and mercy.6. Hating any garments spotted by the flesh. Plucking sinners out of the fire. Work for God not in the flesh, with wrong motives. Do your good works for God through the Holy Spirit.

7. God will accept works done by the Holy Spirit, THROUGH YOU. After all, God puts the desires into your heart unto good works.