“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20 KJV)

Notice that in this verse of Scripture it states that we can see evidence of God in creation. With all the extreme complexities in the universe there is still a harmony that can only be explained by believing that a designer created them. But how does God make his existence known to us personally? If we look at nature we can know that He does exist. Just because we cannot physically see God does not in any way mean that He does not exist. Look at such laws of nature as gravity, or even the wind. We can see, and feel, the effects of them even though we do not know where they originate from. Can you see the wind, or just the effects of the wind? So if you cannot see the wind, do you think the wind does not exist? Or do you believe that the wind does exist because you see and feel the effects of the wind? Though we cannot physically see the wind or gravity we know that they exist.

Suppose that God did create these laws. If God created them how much harder would it be to show who He is to each of us on a personal level? God would have to be infinite if he created every living being (after all, God started everything out of nothing). It would be extremely difficult for us to understand God, let alone relate to Him. We can see that He exists through what he created but He seems impersonal and `far off’ because we do not know how to relate to him.

What if God talked to you audibly? How would you know for certain that it was God and not some advanced technology? What if He came as a man with extraordinary powers that were used for miracles in order to relate to us? Who would believe that he was God? (We must ask this even of Christ Himself if we are to serve Him. We must know for sure that He is the true Son of God otherwise we would be serving under a false pretense.) Just imagine if modern day man built a time machine and went back in time 4000 years. What would the people of that time think about one of us dressed in a space suit having the ability to fly (with the use of a jet pack)? They could very well have thought that we were gods. If this is true, could not a man having a more advanced technology appear to perform miracles to us?

Another very important question to ask is, if God does exist which, if any, of the world’s religions and sacred books were inspired from the true God of the universe? How can our mortal minds know God and which world religion is the one that truly serves him? The fact is by ourselves we cannot. If God exists He would have to find a way to relate to us personally, in such a manner that it would leave no doubt in our minds that it is God trying to relate to us. But how could God do this? We must ask this of every religion; `How do I know that it is the truth?’ It is the answer to this question that sets Christianity apart from all other religions.

The Bible Is Comprised Of Historical Facts

There is much evidence from archaeology that confirm the Biblical accounts as historical facts. Even the school system (where God is not valid and prayer is prohibited) recognizes Biblical accounts as historical truth! What of other religions? The historical accuracy of the Bible has been vindicated many times over as have no other religious writings.

God Knows The Future And Tells Us The Future In The Bible

The biggest proof that the Bible is the word of God is also the simplest. It is the easiest for us to understand and helps us know that what the Bible says is true. It is the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. Many sacred writings contain prophecy but prophecy fulfilled is missing from all other sacred writings except the Bible. In Isaiah, it reads,

“I am God, and there is none else; I am God and there is none like me, declaring the beginning from the end, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure” (Isaiah 46:9-10 KJV)

“I have even from the beginning declared it to thee; before it came to pass I shewed it thee: lest thou shouldest say, Mine idol hath done them, and my graven image, and my molten image, hath commanded them;” (Isaiah 48:5 KJV)

The God of the Bible out right tells us that not only is He the true God, but that He has proof that no other can claim. He says this to us so that we will know that He is the true God. To paraphrase the above Scripture; `BEFORE it came to pass I showed it to you so that you would not believe in false gods’ (or idols, and graven images). God reaches out toward us and reveals Himself as the true God with absolute proof! Can any other sacred writings actually prove so? Of course, this all is contingent on the statement being correct and that the said proof exists. And it does exist, very much so! All Bible prophecies, except those to still be fulfilled, have a 100% accuracy rate thus far.

What Is A Proof That The Bible Is The True Word Of God

It is the most important question that all of us must ask of all religions in order to believe that the one you choose is the true religion of the true God. God’s prophecies made a believer out of me. Without them I would still not know what to believe. Many do not realize the importance of Bible Prophecy but the fact that it comprises 30% of the Bible should send a signal to all of us. It still amazes me me how many of the largest Christian denominations never teach Bible Prophecy, yet it is vitally important to God!

How can we know that the prophecies of the Bible are true and will occur? If we look at the prophecies from the past that have already been fulfilled we can see just how accurate God’s prophecies are. If we look at the Old Testament it is clear that the Jewish people (God’s Chosen People) looked toward the Messiah’s first coming and his death on the cross. This is because of the prophecies about His first coming found in the Old Testament. We now look back at Christ’s first coming and death on the cross because of the precision with which the Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled. Here are just a couple of the many historical prophecies of the Old Testament that were fulfilled.

Fulfilled: The Coming Of The Messiah (Jesus the Christ)

The list of prophecy fulfilled regarding the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ is an overwhelming proof that the Bible is the true word of the true God. Here are some of the amazing prophecies fulfilled in Jesus:

He would be born of a virgin.

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 7:14,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 1:18-23

He would come from the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 tribes descended from Jacob.

  • Old Testament: Genesis 49:10
  • New Testament fulfillment: Luke 3:23-24

He would be born in Bethlehem.

  • Old Testament: Micah 5:2,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 2:1

He would be preceded by a messenger.

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 40:3,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 3:1-2

He would enter Jerusalem riding on a colt.

  • Old Testament: Zechariah 9:9,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Luke 19:35-37

He would be betrayed by a friend.

  • Old Testament: Psalm 41:9,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 26:47-50

He would be sold for 30 pieces of silver.

  • Old Testament: Zechariah 11:12,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 26:15

He would be beaten and spit upon.

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 50:6
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 26:67

He would be wounded and whipped by his enemies.

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 53:5,
  • New testament fulfillment: Matthew 27:26

His hands and feet would be pierced.

  • Old Testament: Psalm 22:16,
  • New testament fulfillment: Luke 23:33

He would be crucified with thieves.

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 53:12,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 27:38

Men would cast lots for his clothing.

  • Old Testament: Psalm 34:20,
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 27:35

He would not answer, or speak, to His accusers

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 53:7
  • New Testament fulfillment: Matthew 27:12-14

He would live again after dying.

  • Old Testament: Job 19:25,
  • New Testament fulfillment: John 2:19, Matthew 12:39, 16:3

His Ministry would start in the region of Galilee

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 9:1
  • New Testament Fulfillment: Matthew 4: 12-17

Would be rejected by His own people

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 53:2, 63:3, Psalms 69:8
  • New Testament Fulfillment: Luke 9:58; Mark 6:3, John 1:11

Have his price given for a potter’s field

  • Old Testament: Zechariah 11:13
  • New Testament Fulfillment: Matthew 27:7

He will be spat on and struck on the cheek and mocked

  • Old Testament: Micah 5:1, Isaiah 50:6, Psalms 22:7-8
  • New Testament Fulfillment: Matthew 26:67, Matthew 27:30-44

Be given vinegar to quench thirst

  • Old Testament: Psalms 69:21
  • New Testament Fulfillment: Matthew 27:34

The odds are too great to dismiss the truth of God’s prophecies. Some skeptics go as far as to say that Christ simply read the Old Testament prophecies and then did what they said. But how could anyone predict where he would be born and under what circumstance he was born? How could anyone predict that exactly two thieves would be crucified with him, or that men would cast lots for his clothing? And why would any man actually want to die such a horrible death on a cross? And let’s not forget that Jesus raised people from the dead, healed the lame and diseased, walked on water etc etc etc. These too add to the undeniable truth that He was the Messiah, the Son Of God. These are only a few of the prophecies of the Bible that have been fulfilled to the letter regarding Christ’s first coming. There are at minimal 200-300 such Prophecies that were fulfilled regarding Christ’s first coming! There are many other prophecies fulfilled and many prophecies are coming to pass right before our very eyes in this modern time.

Prophecy Fulfilled: A Proof That The Bible Is The True Word of The One True God

Prophecy fulfilled to such specific accuracy proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is the word of the true God. God uses prophecy fulfilled to let us discern the truth from the fallacy. To let us know without doubting that the Bible is the true word of the one true God.